The Trius PRO-814 is a higher resolution version of the very popular PRO-694 camera. It has a similarly high QE and low thermal noise, but offers 9.19 megapixels of resolution. Each pixel is 3.69 x 3.69 uM in size. This camera features a triple USB hub and Argon fill, along with 3 stage Peltier cooling.The very high resolution makes the 814 particularly well suited to the super-fast short focus 'scopes and 'Hyperstar' systems that are now widely in use. The new 'PRO' version reduces the read noise and download time of the original Trius 814 design.


Trius rear2


Image format - 3388 x 2712 pixels in a 12.5 x 10mm array.

Pixel size - 3.69 x 3.69 uM

QE - Peak (Yellow light) approx. 75%, H-alpha approx. 60%

Well depth - 15,000e

System gain - 0.25e / ADU

Image download time - 7 seconds in 1 x 1 binning mode

Cooling - 2 stage high efficiency Peltier cooler giving approx. -40C temperature reduction

Triple port powered USB hub built-in.

Dry Argon filled CCD chamber.

Power consumption - 1.5 amps max. at 12v DC (universal AC supply provided)

Back focal length 17mm +/-1mm.