We are a leading UK supplier of cost-effective cooled CCD cameras and accessories for astronomy and industrial imaging. We hope that you will find a camera to suit your application.

Starlight Xpress Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of cooled CCD cameras for low noise imaging applications. We provide a wide range of high performance cameras for astronomy, photonics and life science applications, at competitive prices. If you are looking for an economical, low noise CCD camera for astronomy or fluorescence imaging you will find it here!

Starlight Xpress Ltd has been in business since 1990 and was originally set up to design cooled CCD camera for the amateur astronomer. Now we sell to a range of Life Science companies, Universities and major space science companies around the world, but have always kept our roots in the amateur astronomy market.

Terry Platt, our Principle Designer, is still designing the cameras along with other innovative accessories, with Michael Hattey in charge of sales and marketing, Gill Hattey in charge of the financial and production side of the business. We think that you will find us to be a friendly and helpful team. To find out more about us, please use contact us.


Introducing the NEW Lodestar PRO Camera

The New Lodestar PRO now takes the lead as the best auto guider on the market.  Now with faster download time and even lower read noise figures, finding a [...]

New ‘Trius PRO’ camera range

We have redesigned the main board of our Trius cameras and improved both the read noise and download times. The new range has been named 'Trius PRO' and is [...]


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