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New ‘Full Frame’ format SX-46 and SX-56 cameras

We have developed two new ‘Full Frame’ format cameras that incorporate the large area ON Semiconductors KAF16200 and KAF16803 CCD chips. As these devices require the use of an optical shutter, we developed a stepper motor driven ‘roller blind’ assembly, which provides very uniform illumination, even for very short exposure times. This simplifies the recording of flat field frames and eliminates shutter induced gradients in your images. These cameras also incorporate ‘Field flood’ LEDs to eliminate RBI effects and a multicoated synthetic sapphire input window to eliminate dewing. The extremely high thermal conductivity of the sapphire keeps the window warm by conduction, without the use of window heaters. The cooling is by a 3 stage Peltier and achieves better than -45C below ambient. Both cameras are housed in a 136mm square machined chamber and weigh only 1.7Kg. The input adaptor has a 72mm x 1mm female thread and the camera BFL is 16mm.

The SX-46 has 16.5M, 6uM square pixels in a 27 x 21.6mm format. The SX-56 has 16.7M, 9uM square pixels in a 36.8mm square format.

New ‘Full Frame’ format SX-46 and SX-56 cameras2021-03-10T11:55:17+00:00

New ‘Trius PRO’ camera range

We have redesigned the main board of our Trius cameras and improved both the read noise and download times. The new range has been named ‘Trius PRO’ and is now available for purchase. In addition, a new Trius PRO camera has been added to the range. This is the PRO-834, which uses a Sony ICX834 CCD with 12 megapixels. This very high resolution chip has 3.1 micron square pixels and is very well matched to the short focus, fast optics, of many modern telescopes.

New ‘Trius PRO’ camera range2021-03-10T11:55:46+00:00
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