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Reflective Spectrograph with built-in Lodestar X2 Guide Camera

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Spectroscopy of astronomical objects is a relatively unexplored field for many amateur observers, as truly compact, inex- pensive and effective spectrometers have been unavailable until recently. This situation is now changing and spectrometry is becoming popular as a way to extend the scientific value of amateur observations and to add a new dimension to the hobby. The SX Spectrograph is our answer to the need for a very compact and high performance unit that is easy to use.

The SX Spectrograph is only 125 x 140 x 75 mm and weighs just over 1 Kg. It is solidly constructed in a machined alumi- nium enclosure and so will not flex during use. The optical design is based on a highly corrected, 550 groove concave re- flecting grating, that provides a spectral length of 31 mm from 340 to 900 nM. The entire spectrum is accessible by adjust- ing a sliding camera carrier, using a threaded drive screw, but most of the visible spectrum can be seen without adjustment, when using an TRIUS PRO-694 imaging camera. A 6 position slit wheel, with various slit widths and lengths, is provided and will al- low the sensitivity and resolution to be optimised for the user’s project. The resolution R factor when using the smallest slit width (20 microns) is approximately 2000.

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  • Self-collimating concave reflective grating spectrograph with a highly corrected flat field toroidal grating
  • Minimal attenuation of near UV, due to mostly reflecting optics
  • Built in guide camera
  • Built in calibration lamp
  • 550 grooves per mm at centre of grating
  • Blaze Wavelength – 400nm
  • Spectral Efficiency – Greater than 50%
  • Useable Spectral Range – 340nm – 900nm
  • Useful Grating Aperture – 26 x 26mm
  • 6 position slit wheel – (20 uM x 1 mm Position 2 – 20 uM x 2 mm Position 3 – 50 uM x 2 mm Position 4 – 100 uM x 2 mm Position 5 – 300 uM x 2 mm Position 6 – 3mm x 3 mm circular)
  • Female T2-thread (M42 x 0.75mm) input thread
  • Male T2-thread (M42 x 0.75mm) output thread
  • Input back focus distance – Approx. 37mm
  • Output back focus distance – Approx. 17mm (adjustable from 10 – 20mm)
  • Size 12 x 115 x 70mm
  • Weight 1.2Kg
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