Trius PRO 834

A new addition to the Trius camera range, the PRO-834 uses a 12 megapixel Sony CCD with 3.1uM square pixels. This very high resolution chip is well suited to short focus optics, such as the Starizona 'Hyperstar' adaptor, and many compact APO refractors. The new PRO board design has given this camera an exceptionally low readout noise figure of better than 3 electrons RMS and a fast download time of only 5 seconds in full resolution mode.

 CCD size:            Active area 13.175mm x 8.8mm

CCD pixels:            4250 x 2938 pixel array. Each pixel is 3.1 x 3.1uM square

Well depth:            Full res. mode 9,000e. Binned 2x2 mode approx. 15,000e

Mean visual QE:   70%, 77% at peak (580nM)

Useful spectral response: 360nM – 1100nM

Readout noise:    Approx. 2.7e RMS typical, 5e max.

System gain:       Approx. 0.145 electrons per ADU

Readout time:     Approximately 5 seconds in full resolution mode.

Back focal distance:            The CCD is approximately 16mm from the barrel front surface.

Camera body size:            75mm diameter x 70mm long