Latest SX camera drivers:

NEW! Signed drivers for 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 & 8 (version N.B. Do not use with Windows XP!

64bits USB2.0 Windows camera drivers (XP compatible)

32bits USB2.0 Windows camera drivers (XP compatible)

64bits USB1.1 camera drivers (for USB1.1 interface box only)

32bits USB1.1 camera drivers (for USB1.1 interface box only)

ASCOM compliant SX camera driver for most of our range (including the CoStar) Many thanks to Bret McKee!


Trius, SXVR and SXVF camera software:

SXVR-H9/H16/H18/H35/H36/H674/H694/H814 mono software

SXVR-H9/H16/H18/H35/H36/H674/H694/H814 colour software

SXVR-M25C software

SXVR-M26C software

Lodestar software

LodestarC software

CoStar software

Oculus software

Necessary dll files for SX software (put in the software folder)


Older SXV and SXVF camera software:

SXV-H9 software

SXV-H9C software

SXV-M5 software

SXV-M5C software

SXV-M7 software

SXV-M7C software

SXV-M9 software

SXV-H5 software

SXV-M25C software

SXV-M8C software


SX Filter wheel software and drivers:

SX filter wheel ASCOM driver (version 1044 - 5/5/13) - Help file

CCDSoft plug-ins for the SX filter wheel and SX cameras

SX Filter wheel control program (fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7/8. Now includes filter name changing and serial control)

SX Filter Wheel firmware update (version 1020 and version 1024 for newer wheels with 12MHz clock)


SXV-AO software:

SXV-AO Utility with version 1.04 firmware - 12/9/14


Parallel port and HX916 software:

Pixwin framestore software

HX516 software

HX916 software

MX516 software

MX5C software

MX716 software

MX916 software


USB1.1 software:

USB1.1 32 bit driver pack with help

MX5 software

MX5C software

MX7 software

MX7C software

MX9 software