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'Cloudmakers' introduce new 'AstroGuider' Mac application for SX Lodestar etc. Please visit for more information and downloads

SX goes spectrographic!

Our compact reflective grating spectrograph is ready for launch and will be available by September. This small unit packs a high performance flat-field concave grating into a module of only 136 x 120 x 75mm and 1.2kg weight. It also includes a built-in Lodestar X2 guide camera and an argon-neon calibration lamp. The input and output are T2 thread and it is compatible with most T2 thread input imaging cameras. We recommend our SX-694 as a good match. The spectral length is 340 - 900nM over a distance of 31mm and the resolution factor is in excess of 2000. An overview by Maurice Gavin is available at



The 'Ultrastar' and 'Ultrastar C' high resolution 'Live viewing' and guide cameras. These are new 'Lodestar X2' format cameras that use the latest Sony ICX825 CCD with excellent QE and sensitivity. This CCD offers 1392 x 1040 6.45uM square pixels in an 8.9 x 6.7 mm format and is compatible a wide range of imaging / guiding software, including Paul Shears' 'Starlight Live'. Both mono and single-shot colour versions are available. 'Starlight Live version 2.0' is now available on the Ultrastar page.




'Cloudmakers' introduce new 'AstroImager' Mac application for SX cameras. Please visit for more information and downloads


The Colour Lodestar X2 is now available. With the same high performance CCD and guider socket as the standard X2, but with added colour!

The Lodestar X2 is here! The World's favourite autoguider is now even better! With its new Sony ICX829 Exview2 CCD, it offers twice the sensitivity of the original Lodestar, making guide stars even easier to find. In addition, the autoguider output socket is now a standard RJ12 connector and so overcomes any objections to the strength of the original Lodestar cable.

X2-combo small


New 'Trius' versions of the H35 and H36 cameras are now available. The H36 now uses the Truesense KAI16070 chip with improved read noise and QE. More details to follow.

New 'Combo' packs at a discounted price. We are offering combination packs of either Trius H9, 674, 694 or 814 cameras with a 'mini' filter wheel and a Lodestar guider, at a discounted price. The mini wheel is effectively free! Please contact our dealers for pricing.

CCDSoft camera plug-in updated. Adds H694, H814 etc.

New Mac software for most SX cameras (thanks to Simon Taylor!)

Latest CCDPlug for Maxim adds new 694, 814 and Superstar cameras to the list. Unzip and replace these files inside the Maxim folder. Note: you must remove the older versions, renaming is not sufficient.

New 'INDI' SX camera drivers from 'CloudMakers'


New 'Trius' camera series launch

Hot product 2   We have now released our latest series of high performance cooled cameras - the 'Trius' range. These cameras replace the previous 'SXVR' versions and add extra features to this popular design. The major change is the replacement of the 18 way port with three independent USB ports, via an internal hub chip. These sockets are intended to connect accessories, such as the SX Lodestar or filter wheel, directly through the camera and to bypass the multiple USB cables that were previously required. The Trius cameras are provided with three short 'mini B' to female 'A' leads to interface with standard USB leads and a short mini B to mini B lead for direct connection to a Lodestar, Superstar or Costar guider. 

Other major changes include a low-noise linear cooling regulator with two-stage high efficiency Peltier cooler and a dry Argon filled CCD chamber for better thermal characteristics. Please visit our products pages for more details.


New product release - Mini wheel with guider port

Hot product 2   We are pleased to announce a new 5 position 'mini filter wheel' with integrated guider port. The mini wheel is only 150mm in diameter and can accept carousels with 1.25" threaded filters or 36mm unmounted filters. Front and back T2 thread adaptors are standard.